Letter from Glen Taylor

Letter from Glen Taylor

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Letter from Glen Taylor


This is a mass email I received this afternoon.


Dear Sonia,

As a valued member of our Timberwolves family, I want to inform you of a decision that I reached regarding the future of our team. Earlier this morning I relieved Randy Wittman of his coaching duties. I hold Randy in the highest personal regard but believe that a change was needed to get our team back on track.

To replace Randy on the bench, I have decided to name Kevin McHale as our new head coach. Kevin will relinquish his role in basketball operations so he can devote his full time and energy to his head coaching responsibilities. No one knows this team better than Kevin and this new opportunity allows us our best chance to develop our young group of players.

I know many fans have been frustrated at the pace of our rebuilding and our challenges in the win and loss column. As a fan first and foremost, I share this frustration. But I also know that our young team is incredibly talented. I continue to have high hopes for this group of players and believe that this coaching change is our best opportunity to accelerate the rebuilding process and make significant gains for the remainder of this season.

Know that I continue to be passionate about Timberwolves basketball and remain committed to building a franchise that we can all be proud of.

Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to seeing you at Target Center.


Glen Taylor

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