Winter Meetings Day 1

Winter Meetings Day 1


Winter Meetings Day 1


I’ll use this as a bit of an open thread that I’m going to try and post updates on throughout the day. Anything big that happens will get its own post as soon as I can get to it, of course. You can always post anything you find in the comments (or in the forum! hint hint) and I’ll get to it as soon as I can.

9:21- Last night DK wrote at midnight that the Tigers and Pirates would talk today about Wilson, but word out of Vegas first thing this morning from John Perrotto is that the Tigers are growing less interested in Wilson and prefer to use Larish to try and get JJ Putz from Seattle. That, frankly, sounds to like an attempt by the Tigers to make Larish seems more valuable and try to get the Pirates to take him in exchange for Wilson. We shall see.

12:30- Because it’s just 9:30 in the morning in Vegas, nothing has actually happened yet. For now, I’ll just share the links that I’m keeping an eye on this week. Aaron Gleeman is at the meetings for Rotoworld and keeping a blog. The BP guys (Kevin Goldstein, John Perrotto, and Will Carroll)should be updating the “Unfiltered” blog during the week. Dejan’s blog will, of course, be up to the second and the only place that’s focusing on just the Pirates. MLB Trade Rumors basically works as an RSS reader for rumors thanks to Tim’s superhuman work there. Ken Rosenthal will write about everything that’s even whispered and he churns out a lot of scoops, so keep an eye on him. ESPN also has a blog being updated by Buster Olney, Peter Gammons, and who knows who else, so they’re worth watching as well.

2:54- Dejan’s reporting that the Tigers won’t trade for Jack Wilson because they’d rather sign Adam Everett. Everett’s played in 110 games with an OPS+ of about 60 over the last two years, which should tell you how highly the Tigers think of Wilson. DK also reports the Twins are in on the bidding. Here’s John Sickels’ list of the top 20 Twins’ prospects, if you’re in to wishful thinking.

3:19- The Philadelphia Daily News says the Phillies are interested in the almost certainly available Delmon Young. The reason this is interesting to Pirate fans is that the Twins are looking for a shortstop and the Phils have shortstop prospect Donald in the minors. While he’s likely ready for the bigs, he’s blocked by Jimmy Rollins for the forseeable future. If the Twins are trading for Jason Donald, they’re not trading for Jack Wilson. If you think we’re getting Delmon Young for Jack Wilson, you’re insane. (link via Rotoworld)

3:30- Ken Rosenthal confirms Dejan’s earlier report; Adam Everett is signing with the Tigers.

4:37- From Aaron Gleeman:

Listening to a Pittsburgh writer talk about the situation this morning, it sounds like the Pirates may simply opt to keep Wilson for now and possibly look to deal him at midseason.

I don’t think Wilson will be anything other than less valuable at mid-season and given how aggressively he’s being shopped, I think Huntington probably agrees, but it’s still worth noting.

5:07- Robothal (same link as before) says the Pirates may be one of the five teams interested in David Eckstein. I am going to refrain from making snide comments and just leave it at “I’d rather this didn’t happen.”

8:27- Dejan talks to Huntington and gets a good day 1 review. Check it out.

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