$180 million Marks the spot - the Yankees nab Teixeira

$180 million Marks the spot - the Yankees nab Teixeira

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$180 million Marks the spot - the Yankees nab Teixeira


It looks like the Yankees are going to have an $180 million present under their Christmas tree this year. The Bombers have reportedly gotten Mark Teixeira, the biggest free agent hitting prize in this offseason. I’m doing the Snoopy Dance right now. Squawker Jon? Not so much. Between this and the Jets, he’s in the fetal position!

Anyhow, it’s funny. I was talking with Squawker reader a cape lad about this subject yesterday. He seemed pessimistic about his Red Sox picking up Teixeira. I told him, just only a little facetiously, that I thought the Yanks would sign both Tex and Manny Ramirez! My argument was that one thing Brian Cashman is great at is making these kind of moves very discreetly – nobody knew about the A-Rod trade until the deal was done. And I said I could totally see the Yankees quietly negotiating to get Teixeira as a Yankee.

So much for the Yanks saying that they didn’t have any offers on the table for Tex or Manny!

I think getting Teixeira is a necessary move, and a good, albeit pricey, one. But I still want Manny as well. Heck, if the Yanks are going to go on an all-time spending spree, they might as well pick up Ramirez as well!

Anyhow, I’ll open the floor to our readers, whether they be Yankee fans, Met fans, Red Sox fans, or Yankee haters . What do you think of the Yanks signing Teixeria? Leave us a comment!

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