Angels play scrooge this Christmas

Angels play scrooge this Christmas


Angels play scrooge this Christmas


By Eric Denton – Senior Writer

What’s under the tree this year fans?

  • A.L. Division Series loss to Boston. Check.
  • Goodbye to a closer who set a major league record in 2008. Check.
  • Goodbye to the franchise’s all time leader in almost all offensive statistics. Check.
  • Goodbye to the best overall hitter in the Angels lineup. Check

Merry Christmas Angels fans, you received a lump of coal in your stocking for your loyalty and monetary support this year.

No worries fans. It’s just a minor set back. Santa Moreno surely will respond and sign up a bright shiny new Manny right?

“Manny is not going to be an Angel. Manny won’t be a part of our club.” – Angels General Manager Tony Reagins, 12/23/08

Uh…Ok, we’ll get a great holiday present right. Hey how about a Matt Holliday!

What’s that you say? the A’s fans got the last one. Well shucks, that’s ok Santa Moreno, there are a few things on the list worth getting. There’s an Adam Dunn, Bobby Abreu or Jason Giambi. How about one of those?

“We’re going to give our young guys an opportunity to play and go from there.” – Angels General Manager Tony Reagins, 12/23/08

Kids, it’s very possible the Angels can win the American League West in 2009 since our competition is taking the year less seriously than we are.

Kendry Morales will do fine he’s replacing Casey Kotchman not Mark Teixeira. Brandon Wood hit 40 homers in Arkansas three years ago remember. Howie Kendrick will stay healthy and become a clutch hitter someday. John Lackey is going to appreciate the lack of run support and will want to stick around beyond 2009. Vladimir Guerrero gladly will accept a take it or leave it offer and finish out his Hall of Fame career wearing the Halo. There’s nothing to worry about.

So there it is you naughty little Angel fans. You get nothing this Christmas and you’ll like it. By the way, please have your season ticket renewal with price increase into us as soon as possible.

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