BREAKING NEWS - Yankees Sign Teixeira

BREAKING NEWS - Yankees Sign Teixeira

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BREAKING NEWS - Yankees Sign Teixeira


SI is reporting the Yankees will sign Teixeira shortly.

The story is also being reported by ESPN Radio and the NY Times.

The Herald has confirmed he will not be signing with Boston and will most likely go to the Bronx.

Peter Gammons has the deal at 8 years $180 million

This is a last minute coup for the Yankees, taking away the one big bat free agent out there for the Red Sox; a very interesting development to say the least. New York is going to have one fat payroll next season. This will also have an impact on other players:

The Angels have said that Manny will not play for them next season so where does that leave him? Back with the Dodgers?

The Yanks will probably not have enough money for D-Lowe so he may be back with the Sox.

UPDATE: Buster Olney has confirmed a deal has been made by the Yankees and Mark Teixeira for 8 years and more than $170 million.

The Adam Dunn talk has already begun on Sons of Sam Horn.

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