Fantasy Hockey Update

Fantasy Hockey Update

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Fantasy Hockey Update


It’s been a while since Ryan altered you all to my embarrassment of a fantasy hockey team, so it’s probably time that we give you another look at what’s going on in the BMR fantasy leagues.

First up is the Invitational league.

I’m happy to report that yours truly has moved out of last place, thanks to the help of Loser Domi’s team. It’s still a close race, however. On the other side of the standings, Earl Sleek is still holding strong in the 2nd spot, but did surrender his first place standing to Plank. Plank’s team has been on fire, jumping from fifth the last time we saw them, going 51-22-9 over that time.

The biggest movement though came from the boys at Pensblog, who plummeted from third to 10th. Welcome to the basement, boys.

In the free-for-all league, things have also been shaken up quite a bit. Mascots-R-Us is now in the top spot, moving up from the 10th spot they held six weeks ago. Yours truly has moved from 5th to 2nd and the former top two teams have plummeted in the standings. Stamkos Schmamkos and Tugnutt were the top two teams six weeks ago, and now they’re 10th and 11th. I guess that’s what you get for taking Tugnutt and Stamkos’ names in vain. Or something.

I’m also glad to see my roommate is still stuck solidly in last. That’s because I get to say “suck it Jason” again. Suck it Jason.

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