Kobe Bryant... Still A D-Bag

Kobe Bryant... Still A D-Bag

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Kobe Bryant... Still A D-Bag


The Lakers snapped a 2 game losing streak last night in a tough game against Memphis.  Nothing unusual there.  Memphis has some talent… they played LA tough… and LA pulled it out in the last few minutes.  Good for them.

The Lakers had pushed it to 103-96 with 3 seconds left when Kobe stole the ball.  What does Kobe do?  Dribble out the last couple of seconds, shake someone's hand, show respect for a hard fought game, and head for the showers?  Nope.  Kobe goes into full Massengil mode… and sprints the length of the court so he can get one last dunk in.  F-You Memphis.

Those 3 little seconds speak VOLUMES about Kobe.  He can try to rehab his image all he wants.  This was a visceral moment.  This was a gut reaction.  This is who Kobe is.  Selfish and classless.

The NBA has a new crop of "Where Amazing Happens" spots.  Slam has 3 of them.  Not bad.  I want to believe that the punchline in this spot is because Pau Gasol pissed himself as he heads into a game against the Celtics.

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