Mark Teixeira deal has me in Lowe spirits

Mark Teixeira deal has me in Lowe spirits

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Mark Teixeira deal has me in Lowe spirits


This has not been a good week. First the Jets choke, then the Yankees steal Mark Teixeira away from the Red Sox.

I hope I’m wrong, but I think this is a great move for the Yankees. With Bobby Abreu and Jason Giambi no longer in the lineup, the Yankees needed someone like Teixeira just as much as they needed CC Sabathia.

I can’t believe that Boston would once again let their main rival grab a top player over a few million dollars. If you’re going to go as high as $170 million, isn’t it worth it to go to $180?

First the Red Sox got outbid for A-Rod. A championship soon followed.

Then the Red Sox got outbid for Johnny Damon. Once again, a championship soon followed.

Now the Red Sox are outbid for Teixeira. When will the misery end?

But wait – after the Red Sox lost A-Rod and Damon, it was BOSTON that went on to win the title! The first two times, Theo Epstein had the last laugh.

I still think getting Teixeira is a great move for the Yankees, but as we’ve seen before, the road to the title is unpredictable.

But while I hope Theo has the last laugh on Teixeira, I now see that the Mets are suddenly the front-runner for Derek Lowe. Apparently, the Red Sox are unwilling to give Lowe the money and years that he wants.

The last time Omar Minaya was willing to give an aging pitcher more years than the Red Sox were, the result was four years of Pedro Martinez.

It’s one thing if the price drops the way K-Rod’s did. But if the Mets sign Lowe for anything close to what Scott Boras is asking, I won’t be able to give Squawker Lisa grief about the A.J. Burnett signing any more.

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