Really, ESPN? Really?

Really, ESPN? Really?

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Really, ESPN? Really?


During the commercials of the Cavaliers/Rockets game, I decided to check out the Boise State/TCU game.  I’m interested to see this game (on a secondary level….Cavs come first, then reruns of The Office on TBS) so I’ll keep flipping back and forth.

But I really really believe that ESPN may have jumped the shark with this game.

At the top of the TV screen are a streaming series of instant messages from people watching the game at home.  No, I’m not kidding.  Every once in a while, the messages start up again.  It got ridiculous in a hurry.  For example;

“So much for a close game” – It was 10-0 in the second quarter, by the way….

“The REAL National Championship should be Oklahoma and Boise State”

“Broncos should boycott the whole season next year until they let us play for the championship”

These are comments and opinions that should be read on the internet, NOT on national TV.  It’s laughable watching this and ESPN should be ashamed of broadcasting it.

In other words, ESPN just let people from Idaho say whatever they want on TV.  Yeah, that scares me too.

I wanted my opinion and my love of college football broadcast for the world to see too….so I STARTED A FRIGGING BLOG!  These morons are on ESPN with the most inane and insane statements this side of Belleview.

ESPN really needs to pull down the instant messages and never put them back up again.  then, we can work on the other things on that network which are full of doo-doo (that’s right Mark May, we’re coming for you).

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