A Christmas Gift to the New York Giants: Kevin Boss

A Christmas Gift to the New York Giants: Kevin Boss

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A Christmas Gift to the New York Giants: Kevin Boss


In Sunday night’s recap, we highlighted the significance of Kevin Boss in this offense.

Wonder highlighted the need to get an offensive “rhythm” after Burress was lost for the season.

At this juncture of the season, three players who will have the opportunity to make an impact on the MARGIN are:

1) Fred Robbins, if he can get healthy.
2) Ahmad Bradshaw, if he can get touches as a 3rd down scatback.
3) Kevin Boss, if he can get touches.

Any of these three things will have a big impact on this team. But the low hanging fruit here is clearly Kevin Boss. Kevin Gilbride has to be wondering how he is going to make up for the loss of his best Wide Receiver. Give those touches to Boss. BOSS IS NOW THE GIANTS’ MOST DOMINATING RECEIVING OPTION. Look at the difference he makes in a game.

In games where he has had 3 or more receptions, he has had a TD in those games 6 of 7 times. In games where he has had 1-2 receptions, he has zero TDs. The clear message is that this player turns 3’s into 7’s in the red zone.

In games where he has 3 or more receptions, the Giants are 7-0. In games where he has 2 or less receptions, the Giants are 5-3.

Now contrast those 33 receptions with the numbers from another second year TE, Mark Bavaro in 1986. This is a perfect example of coaching. Ron Erhardt looked at his personnel and said Joe Morris and Mark Bavaro. Boss is still under the radar, he gets singled. Keep using him, and use him MUCH more until defenses realize what we know. If he gets doubled, then you have even more reason to use him, draw a crowd on this guy and run the ball with only 7 in the box. Boss gets 2 receptions per game, Bavaro had 4 per game.

With Burress gone, this offensive personnel looks almost exactly like 1986:
1) a set of WRs without gamebreaking ability (“possesion receivers”)
2) a second year TE with great hands
3) a running game that is near/tops in the league. (#6 in 1986, #1 in 2008)
4) a smart QB who can make plays (#13 in 1986, #14 in 2008)
5) a cohesive OL

The difference is that you have to recognize right now how things have changed, how Boss IS THE MAN FOR LEADING THE TEAM IN RECEPTIONS FROM HERE ON OUT. The running game needs Boss to keep the sticks moving so that the running game can keep pounding the ball. Gilbride has been deficient with the use of his TE, but with Burress gone he has NO CHOICE. If he does not use Boss more, it is a cardinal sin and a complete admission of failure to adjust. He got the ball to Boss 5 times and the result was a win. That is all he needs, 5 passes per game and the Giants will have another trophy.

Btw, Boss sat out practice, ankle. Rest him Sunday if he is not 100%… he’ll definitely be healed in 3 weeks, and you can always play Johnson and Matthews in his place to keep the rhythm going.

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