The Big Diesel vs the Big Fundamental: Who Ya Got?!?

The Big Diesel vs the Big Fundamental: Who Ya Got?!?

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The Big Diesel vs the Big Fundamental: Who Ya Got?!?


The Big Diesel vs. The Big Fundamental:










I recently partook in a friendly roundtable/discussion/essay contest/whatever you want to call it, regarding: “Tim Duncan vs Shaq: Who’s the best big man of this generation?” 

The final result was nicely formatted and tabulated by Don over at with malice…  I urge you to check out the responses by these superb NBA bloggers; as everyone makes a convincing argument for their choice in this matter.   Here’s what I went with:

CW:  “I honestly don’t think there is a clear cut “right answer” in this situation.  You are probably looking at two of the greatest big men in the past 15 years; so all we are doing is trying to distinguish who is the best, and who is the besterest! 

With that said, my choice goes to The Big Aristot… err, The Big Diesel…, err The Big Cactus.  I don’t think it’s a stretch so that in his prime he was one of the best centers in NBA history, and should be included on most lists as one of the best overall players in NBA history as well.  He was literally unstoppable, due to his extreme body size, and combination of dexterity and agility begetting a man half his size.  Shaq had no business being able to move like he could, considering he has one of the biggest (mass-wise) and strongest (muskles-wise) bodies to ever grace the hardwood. 

Tim Duncan is certainly great in his own right, but whom would you choose in their prime?  I’d take Shaq due to the insane matchup problems he poses to defenders, as well as the fact that O’Neal was a superb defender in his heyday.  Again, Duncan is certainly good, but he’s no Shaq.  The Diesel was made from a different mold.  He’s one of a kind; and of which will probably never be seen again in the NBA.

Lastly, and I know Shaq has played a few more seasons than Duncan, but he still beats him in almost every statistical category over the course of their careers (as of the date I submitted this):

– 6,000 more points
– 2,000 more rebounds
– 500 more blocks
– 100 more assists
– 4 more All-Star game appearances
– 1 more steal

Most importantly, they have the same number of Championship titles, which is partly what makes this decision so dang hard in the first place.”

Again, CLICK HERE  to read what everyone else has to say in this matter.

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