5 Benefits to the Lakers Loss

5 Benefits to the Lakers Loss

Red's Army

5 Benefits to the Lakers Loss



Being the optimistic one (wink-wink) here at Red's Army, I found 5 silver linings in last night's ref-aided loss to the Lakers.  Here's goes:

5.  Media Lovefest: Can you hear all those ESPN blowhards touting how tough the Lakers are this year? If not, you will – repeatedly for the next few months. So will the Celtics. The Lakers are now the clear favorites, allowing the Celtics to play the "underdog" card.  

4. Overconfidence: Kobe and Co. just walked into our building minus Andrew Bynum and beat us. They should be confident. But egos like Kobe's are impossible to keep in check. And Lamar Odom is dumb enough to think he's actually a clutch player. The Lakers think they have our number. All this adds up to a false sense of security.

3. Motivation: The C's might just rattle off another 12 game winning streak, but Doc will always have the Lakers card to get the guys up. "We're still not good enough to beat LA," is something Rivers should shout during any sloppy practice.

2. New Players: As well as Eddie and Leon played last night, the bench still has two glaring weaknesses – a big and a playmaker. This was painfully obvious to everyone including Danny Ainge last night. Joe Smith and Stephon Marbury cure those ills. A deal(s) will be made.

1.  KG: He's pissed. Never a good thing for the other 29 teams.

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