Future Additions

Future Additions


Future Additions


Various names get tossed about for the Classic Colts from time to time, so I want to catch everyone up on the discussion.  Currently, the only older player up for debate is Mike Prior.  He played 6 seasons for both the Colts and Packers and won a ring in Green Bay.  I’m open to arguments on his behalf.

Many have suggested Tarik Glenn.  The reason Glenn was not immediately added was that Jim Irsay implied he would go into the Ring of Honor.  The Classic Colts is to recognize players who are with the team for a long time with a great impact but DON’T get into the ring.  So for now, Glenn stays out.  If a few years go by without him making the ring, we’ll add him.  Obviously, the Rushmore guys are going in the ring. 

Currently, there are several Colts that are in the discussion.  Here’s a list of where everyone stands:

Edge – Irsay loves him.  He’s going in the Ring someday.
Dom Rhodes – IN.  Fits all the qualifications to a T.  His return last year sealed it.
Jeff Saturday – Probably a Ring of Honor guy, so we’ll leave him out.
Robert Mathis – He’ll be in someday…if he doesn’t get bumped upstairs.
Gary Brackett – Oh my yes. 
Dallas Clark – I would certainly expect it.  Playing tight end for the Colts basically guarantees you a spot in the Classics.
Bob Sanders – Just finished his 5th year with the Horse so he qualifies.  If he doesn’t go on to greater honors, we’ll name the whole damn thing “Bob Sanders presents the Classic Colts”
Kelvin Hayden – Has to be resigned.  Doesn’t meet the service requirements.
Marlin Jackson – Only has four years with the Horse.  Needs one more.  I wish that was in the bag, but you can never be sure about a guy coming off of a serious injury.


Cass found the link to Dungy on Dave.  Thanks!

She also says Phil B is sure it’ll be Coyer

A 49ers fan looks at OCs.  Lots of 1s by Moore’s name.

Tanier is live blogging the Pro Bowl because he lost a bet.  I was thinking about doing one for the game, but now I’ll be over there checking out his.

18 is in on some good old-fashioned diabetes-related hijinx.


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