White Sox minor leaguer set to join elite company

White Sox minor leaguer set to join elite company

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White Sox minor leaguer set to join elite company


Typically, I am not one to deviate from my self-imposed niche (whatever THAT is)…but E posted this over at his site and since it had the words “hall” and “fame” in it, I thought I’d re-post it for you all.

Four more players from this picture have been nominated to join the six already in the Basketball Hall of Fame. The remaining three aren’t already in because they’re either a) not eligible until next year, or b) Christian Laettner.

My thoughts on this year’s nominees:


Depending on your school of thought, probably the best basketball player ever. There’s really no need to discuss him any further; he’s one of the reasons basketball was invented. And while his bona fides are indisputable, he somewhat damaged his legacy by retiring twice and coming back both times, the second time to a different team in a different city, where he was merely an “All-Star”. I won’t even mention his attempt to play minor league baseball for the Chicago White Sox. An absolute lock; anything less than 100% of the vote is an insult.


Excepting (unfortunately) Shaquille O’Neal, the dominant center during the ’90s. He almost single-handedly drug the Spurs into the playoffs every year he played, and the one year he missed, the Spurs were so bad that they got the #1 pick and drafted Tim Duncan. Shoo-in.


While he is not the greatest all-around point guard in history, there was no one better at passing the ball. The only player in history to have 1000 assists more than once (something he did seven times). After he broke the career assist mark, he tacked on another 5000 just for the hell of it. In fact, if it weren’t for Stockton, Karl Malone wouldn’t go into the Hall next year. And pretty good defensive player to boot, with at least 700 more steals than Jordan, Gary Payton and Alvin Robertson. This guy’s numbers automatically put him in the Hall.


The weakest of the four, Mullin was THE small forward in the late ’80s/early ’90s. A consistent top 10 scorer who would absolutely kill you from 3-point land. He was the man in Golden State’s “Run TMC” days, but was shoved to the wayside once their offense was re-tooled for Sprewell and Webber. If anything, the fact that he went from one of the best players in the NBA to a third option in a year, a move from which he never recovered, hurts his chances in the Hall.

We’ll find out in April who goes in.

Oh, Jerry Sloan, Don Nelson, Bernard King and Dennis Johnson are up for the Hall, too. But they’re not in that picture, so who cares about them.

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