Drew Takes Every Pitch in BP

Drew Takes Every Pitch in BP

Red Sox

Drew Takes Every Pitch in BP


I know the Red Sox preach patience at the plate but watching every pitch go by in batting practice seems a bit extreme. At yesterday’s first live BP J.D. Drew had a unique approach to improving his hitting:

J.D. Drew, who faced newcomer Ramon Ramírez, didn’t take a swing. There will be plenty of time for that, he said.

“I just track,” Drew said. “I really try to pick up the seam, pick up the rotation. I can go in there and take swings; it’s going to look ugly. Those guys are throwing hard. Sliders are breaking nasty. Especially when they tell you a fastball is coming inside, the last thing you want to do is step into one. It’s a matter of them getting work on location, but it’s good to see some balls come at us off the mound, at 60 feet 6 inches.”

Just hope he can start to hit some of those pitches come April.

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