4 Q's of Basketball with wrestler, Johhny "Scotia" Soul

4 Q's of Basketball with wrestler, Johhny "Scotia" Soul


4 Q's of Basketball with wrestler, Johhny "Scotia" Soul


Johnny Scotia Soul

Sometimes it’s nice to get an NBA perspective from people outside of the the basketball industry.  With the Toronto Raptors’ disappointing season and most likely lottery-bound after this season,  I decided to ask pro wrestler Johnny “Scotia” Soul some questions about the Toronto Raptors and the NBA.


The Ladies Choice, Johnny “Scotia” Soul is based out of Nova Scotia, Canada and is a self proclaimed maritime legend and although he is a pro wrestler, he knows his basketball.  I asked the Soul Man four questions and he gave me four straight up answers.

HHN: The Raptors are playing horrible ball as of late, recently getting their butt kicked by the New York Knicks.  Who on the Toronto Raptors do you think really needs a good whooping for the Raptors’ poor play?

Johnny Scotia Soul (ScotiaSoul.ca):  As a guy who’s always been the first pick on the playground I know what it takes to win.  But there’s one guy who I’m singling out on the Raptors squad.  A man who didn’t want the responsibility of being the number one pick.  A man who was supposed to lead but instead decided to bury his head in the sand.  Thirteen points, one assist and five rebounds a game doesn’t equal franchise player to Johnny “Scotia” Soul.  Andrea Bargnani, you deserve a Scotia Gold DDT, centre court at the ACC!


HHN: Chris Bosh of the Toronto Raptors has a similar hairstyle to yourself, did he get the hairstyle from you?

Johnny Scotia Soul (ScotiaSoul.ca):  Johnny “Scotia” Soul has always been a trend setter so I knew when I began sporting this designer hair do, there’d be plenty of imitators.  But Johnny “Scotia” Soul is no hater.  So if Mr. Chris Bosh wants to pattern himself after the “Ladies Choice” he need remember only one simple truth.  The copy is never as sharp as the original. 

HHN: If you had to choose two tag team partners from Karl Malone, Shaquille O’Neal, Lebron James, Nate Robinson, Dwight Howard and Charles Barkley, who would be your two tag team partners and why?

Johnny Scotia Soul (ScotiaSoul.ca):  Scratch Oneal, Malone and Barkley off the list right away.  They’re shells of their former selves.  Barkley and Malone couldn’t win a championship between them.  Nate Robinson is out but I’ll call around, maybe Lord Littlebrook, Sky Low Low or Haiti Kid is searching for a new tag partner.  Howard’s out for laying down for the for mentioned midget.  So that leaves Lebron James.  While James is almost as physically gifted as yours truly the fact remains the kid just isn’t that smart.  “Scotia Soul” is one of the most cerebral wrestlers in the game today.  I’d have a tough time dumbing down conversation let alone wrestling strategy for this high school drop out. 

HHN: Like wrestling, NBA players have their own nicknames be it Charles “The Round Mound of Rebound” Barkley, Chris “CB4′ Bosh or Dominique “The Human Highlight Film” Wilkins.  Now some of the guys on the Raptors bench are in need of nicknames, what nicknames would you give Raptors bench players, Nathan Jawai, Roko Ukic and Marcus Banks?

Johnny Scotia Soul (ScotiaSoul.ca):  Why pick out three underachieving nobodies when you can label a whole team of underachieving nobodies.  I’ve got a nickname for this whole lot of losers.  A steaming pile of crap!

Special thanks to Johnny “Scotia” Soul for the time to answer our questions, check out Johnny at ScotiaSoul.ca

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