Donald Brown Has Impressive NFL Combine

Donald Brown Has Impressive NFL Combine

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Donald Brown Has Impressive NFL Combine


It was former UConn Huskies running back Donald Brown’s turn to impress the scouts at the NFL Combine and that he did. Brown finished as a top performer in 6 of the 7 categories and left an impression on Charles Rogers.


40-yard dash Vertical Jump Broad Jump
Name Time Name Height Name Distance
Peerman, Cedric 4.45 Brown, Donald 41.5″ Wells, Beanie 10’8″
Johnson, Ian 4.46 Peerman, Cedric 40″ Brown, Donald 10’5″
Sheets, Kory 4.47 Goodson, Mike 39.5″ Scott, Bernard 10’5″
Brown, Andre 4.49 Southerland, Brannan 38″ Kimble, Anthony 10’2″
Brown, Donald 4.51 Brown, Andre 37″ Coffee, Glen 10’1″
Williams, Javarris 4.52 Greene, Shonn 37″ Greene, Shonn 10’1″
Goodson, Mike 4.54 Sheets, Kory 37″ Sheets, Kory 10’1″
Scott, Bernard 4.56 Coffee, Glen 36″ Jennings, Rashad 10’0″
Coffee, Glen 4.58 Kimble, Anthony 36″ Southerland, Brannan 10’0″
Lucky, Marlon 4.59 Ore, Branden 36″ Goodson, Mike 9’10”
Wells, Beanie 4.59 Scott, Bernard 36″
3 Cone Drill 20-yard Shuttle 60-yard Shuttle
Name Time Name Time Name Time
Scott, Bernard 6.82 Scott, Bernard 4.08 Brown, Donald 11.30
Moreno, Knowshon 6.84 Brown, Donald 4.10 Jennings, Rashad 11.46
Ogbonnaya, Chris 6.85 Ringer, Javon 4.11 Bell, Kahlil 11.55
Jennings, Rashad 6.86 Johnson, Ian 4.18 Moreno, Knowshon 11.63
Ringer, Javon 6.87 Jennings, Rashad 4.20 Johnson, Ian 11.63
Bell, Kahlil 6.87 Bell, Kahlil 4.20 Sheets, Kory 11.70
Goodson, Mike 6.89 Goodson, Mike 4.22
Brown, Donald 6.93 Moreno, Knowshon 4.27
Johnson, Ian 6.93 Peerman, Cedric 4.29
Sutton, Tyrell 6.94 Ogbonnaya, Chris 4.29

Donald Brown NFL Combine Profile

Cody Brown will have his chance to impress the scouts tomorrow afternoon and Darius Butler will go on Tuesday.

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