NCAA Bracket says....USC a #11 seed

NCAA Bracket says....USC a #11 seed

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NCAA Bracket says....USC a #11 seed


ESPN’s Joe Lunardi has issued his Monday bracket that projects South Carolina as a No. 11 seed. In Lunardi’s scenario, USC would face Syracuse in the first round, then most likely Duke.

Andy Glockner of, places USC as a No. 8 seed and facing Texas in the first round, then likely UNC. I don’t like this scenario as we would have fits matching up to Texas (see OU win).

I feel bottom line the gamecocks must continue to win and no let downs. Have to improve the ways we win as the Ark game was ugly and the MSU game aslo was ugly and should have won. Ball control, improved shot selection and better perimeter D is a must.

Last 4 regular season games are –

02/25/09 vs. Kentucky
02/28/09 at Vanderbilt
03/05/09 vs. Tennessee
03/07/09 at Georgia

No worse than 2-2 but really think we must go 3-1 to finish strong as there are doubters out there. Thoughts?

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