You Can't Be Serious: Eklund Confirms Twitter Account Isn't Actually Brian Burke

You Can't Be Serious: Eklund Confirms Twitter Account Isn't Actually Brian Burke

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You Can't Be Serious: Eklund Confirms Twitter Account Isn't Actually Brian Burke


Somewhere, Sean Leahy is banging his head against his keyboard.

I know it’s Eklund. I know I should lay off. I know I’m promoting him by giving him more attention.

But this shit is too funny.

Eklund reports today that he called Brian Burke and confirmed that Burke is not behind his self-titled Twitter account. Something Leahy pointed out last week acknowledging that the account was phony. Eklund didn’t exactly catch Leahy’s drift (or ours /self promotion).

Brian Burke Confirms He Doesn’t Twitter

I just spoke to Brian Burke regarding an article that came
out on the PuckDaddy Blog this past Saturday on

The Article is entitled “Follow the thought process of Brian
Burke on Twitter”and is 100% bogus and has the Gm rightfully pissed off.

And there it is my hockey friends. The stereotypical kind of
blogging that makes many NHL teams nervous and stingy about giving access to
internet hockey writers. This is the kind of story that deeply sets back the

Yes! Take away Leahy’s access! Ban him from everything! Damn the feeble minded Leahy for thinking that Twitter was real! Thank God we have Eklund to trash on Sean Leahy for us. I don’t know what I would do without him. Wait… What do quotation marks mean again? (quote from Leahy)

One hockey person who’s jumped aboard the Twitter bandwagon is Toronto Maple Leafs general manager “Brian Burke“, who has given his followers some insight into the thinking of a hockey executive. “Burke” is brutally honest on Twitter just as he is in interviews.

Maybe the guy who doesn’t know how to use ” and ” is the one who should be revoked of his access. After all, the Twitter does make it all blatantly obvious by saying the following (Leahy):

We also figured that clicking on the Twitter feed and seeing “Bio: Yes, it’s
a parody” staring you straight in the face would confirm this was, in fact,
“Brian Burke” and not Brian Burke.

So, not only do we have people who don’t understand that the Brian Burke Twitter is fake, we have people who don’t understand that people writing articles about the Brian Burke Twitter know it is fake.

Excuse me while I take a break before my head explodes.

Update: And I apparently missed the loads of hilarious irony in that Eklund is taking a stand against anonymous online fakers.

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