Dodge Ball Daily - The Abreu Factor

Dodge Ball Daily - The Abreu Factor


Dodge Ball Daily - The Abreu Factor


By Adam Dodge – Senior Writer

The addition of Bobby Abreu to the Angels’ line-up will have myriad positive effects. The obvious thing Abreu brings is the ability to hit for average and power, but perhaps more importantly his .405 career on-base percentage is easily the highest career average of anyone on the Angels roster. He should give the middle of the lineup plenty of RBI opportunities.

Personally, I am looking forward to seeing the effect he has on Chone Figgins.

Figgins has seen his stolen base total decline each of the last three seasons, after posting a career high 62 thefts in 2005. He has also seen his success rate suffer.

After a 2008 season that saw the Angels try a number of hitters in the second spot, none of which we’d describe as “patient,” Abreu and his knack for seeing a lot pitches per at-bat (4.38 in 2008) should result in a big running year for the Angels lead off hitter.

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