VOTE NOW! Pops Needsah Nickname!

VOTE NOW! Pops Needsah Nickname!


VOTE NOW! Pops Needsah Nickname!


Who is he? Nana Papa Yaw Dwene Mensah-Bonsu

Whether it’s a combination of the Raps being that bad this year and Pops Mensah-Bonsu being that good, either way, Pops Mensah-Bonsu has been an immediate impact player for the Raptors. Whether he’s hustling for boards, blocking shots or jamming it home, he’s been tearing it up. He has spent some time in the D-League, played with the Mavs and most recently had a short stint with the Spurs but now until the end of the season, Pops has an opporturtunity to show his stuff with the Toronto Raptors.

And if you don’t know him, now you’ll know:


Anyhow, he’s been making some noise around the league and he broke out against the Pacers scoring a career-high 21 pts and grabbed 8 boards, now he warrants his own nickname. I’ve asked bloggers from around the blogosphere for their help. Thanks to Jeff @ Pete Marasmitch for helping me get this started.

Here are the candidates:

“The Whale Hunter”
(submitted by Scott at Ridiculous Upside)

(submitted by myself, Romes of HHN)
Pops runs the floor, he hustles. PMB for Pops Mensah Bonsu and….I’m a huge RUN DMC fan.

“Pops Mensah-BONZAI!”
(submitted by Scott at & David from Pounding the Rock)
Why have Bonsah, when you can have BONZAI!!!!……Danielson!

“Big Daddy”
(made famous by Raptor play by play, Matt Devlin)
One word: Weak. I`m sorry, I hate Devlin nicknames.

“The Mayor”
(found on during his time at George Washington)
“The British Bulldog”
(I heard this on the FAN590 but not sure who originated it)
But Eric Smith liked it, he was basically saying “Why have The Junkyard Dog when you have the British Bulldog”

“The PM”
(submitted by myself, Romes of HHN)
The Prime Minister AKA Pops Mensah AKA Prime Minister Pops Nice (3rd Bass reference for all those who don’t know), especially when Big Z gets the Gasface after a nasty Pops dunk.


“Big Poppa” (submitted by Sam from Raptors Republic)
I lovewindow.location=””; it when they call him Big Poppa/he gets up in the air/cause he’s a true player


“Mad Hops” Pops (submitted by U-E of HHN)
In case you didn’t know, check the video footage


On the left panel you’ll find the poll, cast your vote, and get it Poppin’! Voting ends on March 27th.  If you think you can do better, post your ideas in the comments section below.


Photo credit: (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Chris Young)

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