Real Interviews with Actual People: Carrie Milbank

Real Interviews with Actual People: Carrie Milbank

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Real Interviews with Actual People: Carrie Milbank


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Carrie Milbank is the charming and lovely young lady who graces your boob tubes during the commercials and hosts “The Hockey Show” on In addition to being one of the hardest working people in the greater hockey family – she is the former captain of the Houston Texans Cheerleaders and also works for She was kind of enough to spend some time answering our annoying creative questions last week.

Sadly for us – this was conducted via e-mail. Had we had the opportunity at a face-to-face interview, it probably would have been all Chris Farley Show-ish,

“So Carrie.. you remember when you were in that commercial?” “Yeah.” “That was awesome.”

BMR: What was it like working with Barry Melrose on your Commercial? Is he as cool as he is in our dreams?

Carrie: He’s even cooler. I like the storyboard you guys came up with…Carrie RE-visits Barry Melrose

BMR: Pick one: Ed Olczyk or Barry Melrose?

Carrie: Eddie O with Barry’s mullet…yummy.

BMR: You just gave us a very disturbing mental image with that last answer. Clearly, you don’t mind blogs since you’re talking to us and have dabbled in some of your own. What are your thoughts on blogging and where sports media is headed?

Carrie: I loooooove bloggers, and it seems that the Internet is quickly becoming our main source for news and entertainment so get comfy boys…I don’t think you’ll be unemployed anytime soon.

BMR: What can we offer to make you a full time blogger for BMR? Do you accept empty cans of Dapper Dan’s pomade as currency?

Carrie: I’d do just about anything for an ice-cold Diet Coke, but wouldn’t it be easier just to do the blog yourself and pretend like you’re me? What the heck is Dapper Dan’s…Barry’s favorite hair product?

BMR: We would love to know what Barry’s preferred greasing method is, but ESPN doesn’t want us contacting him. Pick one: We’ve seen you rocking threads on The Hockey Show for many different NHL teams – but who is your favorite (shhhh, we won’t tell anyone ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Carrie: I like ALL 30 teams the best…and I dream of world peace (insert cheesy beauty pageant wave here).

BMR: Weak answer!.. but that’s OK. In 5 years you plan to be doing: ?

Carrie: I haven’t tried to plan out my future yet, so why start now…I might lose my mojo.

BMR In 20 years what can you see yourself doing?

Carrie: Lots of plastic surgery and a reality show.

BMR: Why not the reality show now? We’d watch ๐Ÿ™‚ Out of the many jobs you’ve had in your young life – which has been your favorite? Your resume is posted on your website so you’re obviously still looking to branch out. List for the readers: other than, People Mag, Tennis Week – do you have any other jobs you currently do?

Carrie: I don’t have a favorite job, I’m just always up for a new challenge and I’m very thankful to be making a career out of the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do. Sometimes you can catch me dishing the latest car news on, and I’m also a Sports & Entertainment Contributor for “America’s Nightly Scoreboard” on FOX Business.

BMR: Did you get a chance to give the singer of Def Leppard a “FAIL!” Slap after he posted Lord Stanley upside down during the NHL Face Off Rocks show you hosted?

Carrie: I would have swooped in and saved Joe Elliott the embarrassment had there not been a two-story balcony and thousands of people in my way. Talk about “Hysteria”!

BMR: Who wins the Cup in the upcoming NHL playoffs?

Carrie: Awww man, can’t we just enjoy the playoffs? Ok, ok…well it would be too easy to say the Red Wings will take it all again, sooooo…I’d love to see Ovechkin and all his theatrics through the finals but I also think it would be a great conclusion for Marty Brodeur and the Devils, and I’d also like to see the Bruins and Sharks go after it…but anything can happen, that’s what makes hockey so totally awesome!

BMR: Your favorite blog? (it’s okay if you say it’s not Barry Melrose Rocks, sort of..)

Carrie: BMR baby!

BMR: You’re too kind. Now to break the hearts of thousands who are currently in their parent’s basement: Carrie is married. But hypothetically speaking, what does a girl like you look for in a guy?

Carrie: I’ve always sort of had weird taste in men. I like them quirky, funny, spontaneous, passionate, and honest. I’m really stubborn so I also like people who challenge me and make me want to be a better person. A good cuddler is a bonus too.

BMR: Wait!? So you’re saying there’s a chance… You’ve been to the Staal family sod farm in Thunder Bay. Do they have a hidden bomb-shelter with future hockey stars in training or is it something in the water? If yes to the water part – did you drink any of it?

Carrie: Nice folks. I didn’t drink the water, but I ate way too many Persians thanks to Mrs. Staal…Canadians know what I’m talking about.

BMR: What was the highlight of the Prague trip to start the season?

Carrie: It’s a toss-up between Scott Gomez carrying my luggage up the steps of the Rangers airplane on the flight back home, and seeing Vincent LeCavalier in his skivvies. (don’t get too excited it’s not as scandalous as it sounds – I just happened to be in the right place at the right time near the locker room after the game).

BMR: With all due respect to Chris Simpson – why aren’t you covering games for Versus as the sideline reporter – Hell, why aren’t you calling the games?

Carrie: Me…calling games? Thanks but that would be more of a hot mess than a hockey player running a fashion magazine. As for the other question – you’ll have to ask the boob tube Gods.

BMR: Besides this interview – has anyone ever gone over the top and freaked you out a bit? (“OMG CARRIE MILBANK!!! I’m your #1 fan AHHHHH!!!)

Carrie: The first person who ever recognized me on the street was a young female NYU student. I was so excited that she knew who I was and wanted to take a picture with me that I think I actually freaked her out a little bit.

BMR: Beer or wine? Either? If you pick one – name your brand of choice.

Carrie: Vodka – Ketel One (with “some pulp” OJ).

There you are folks and thanks again to Carrie for obliging our interview request! Buy her a Ketel One screwdriver if you see her out and about for us!

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