Bruins Mistake Almost Costs Them Game Three

Bruins Mistake Almost Costs Them Game Three

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Bruins Mistake Almost Costs Them Game Three


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MONTREAL — One of the stories lost in the Boston Bruins win over the Montreal Canadiens on Monday night in Montreal was what happened before the game. There was quite a bit of confusion regarding the Bruins’ opponent causing the team from Massachusetts to almost miss their game entirely.

On the highway between the Bell Centre and the Montreal International Airport the Bruins’ bus made an unexpected stop along a highway construction site. There, the team unloaded the bus and suited up, a strange site to motorists passing by. The Bruins took their warmup skate along the side of the road, stretched out and went through their usual pregame routine. Then, in an awkward moment, the team’s equipment manager realized that they were in the wrong place.

“We saw all these cones along the side of the road,” center Marc Savard said following the mixup. “We just assumed that those were the Canadiens. Yeah, it was a little weird that the Bell Centre was on the side of the highway, but those cones looked exactly like them. They barely moved around in warmups, just like the Habs. I think one of them even cursed at me in French.”

The Bruins managed to board the bus and reach the actual Bell Centre in time for the start of the second period. The Canadiens, on the other hand, are still missing. 

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