Jerry Remy Health Update

Jerry Remy Health Update

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Jerry Remy Health Update


UPDATE 6/27: Jerry posted the following on his twitter account today:

I appreciate all your support-doing well-going to gym-gained weight back-no issues-have not set return date yet-anxious to get back-Jerry

UPDATE: to read Jerry’s statement about his cancer surgery and leave of absence click here.

The RemDawg let fans know how he was doing through twitter today:

Hi everyone it’s Jerry. Thx for . . . your concern. In February, I had a case of pneumonia and a bad infection followed . . .

I went off to Spring Training without ever having a chance to completely recuperate. I am paying the price now . . .

I’ve decided to take some time off to fully recover. Hopefully it’ll be a short time. I miss doing the games! Thanks again, Jerry.

Almost forgot . . . Go Sox. Jerry.

You can send your get well wishes to Remy on his Sawxheads page or via Twitter.

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