Saints Nation: Enough With the Brett Favre Saga, Please Make it End

Saints Nation: Enough With the Brett Favre Saga, Please Make it End


Saints Nation: Enough With the Brett Favre Saga, Please Make it End


Few things make my blood boil like the ongoing Brett Favre saga these days. The Vikings are now considering talking to Favre about the possibility of unretiring AGAIN. For the moment Favre’s camp says he’s officially retired, but we’re not that naive and we’ve already been down this road. Let’s be serious, he’s going to sign with the Vikings. Oh sure, he’ll take his time doing it, searching his soul to see if there’s still a desire to play… making sure his body can take another season of beatings… but he’ll end up doing it. The Vikings are a pretty good team with an AWFUL quarterback situation, so it’ll be another opportunity for him to make a run at the Superbowl. Who wouldn’t want a chance to play with Adrian Peterson?

I blame ESPN for my increasing annoyance over Brett Favre as much as I blame Brett Favre the person. Making me sit through that pathetic press conference of Favre crying (pictured above to the left) for months on end and littering their air time with constant Brett Favre tributes was painful enough. But then he has a change of heart and tells the Packers he refuses to play for them or compete for the starting job? That “change of heart”, by the way, included WEEKS of theorizing going back in forth of “he’s playing”/”no he’s not playing” which ESPN again loved to take a big part in. As if his retirement wasn’t drawn out enough, he made us all sweat out his decision as long as possible. And I’m sure he’ll do the exact same thing here, except that people are starting to care less and less. He has lost all respect from me. It’s too bad because I used to really like Brett Favre. He’s a winner, he’s a fighter, and he’s a fun guy to watch gunsling. Plus he lives in Mississippi not far from New Orleans, so the local aspect always made me root for him. But Brett, please do us all a favor and stay retired while sparring us the “is he coming back?” monthly diatribe. You’re not the QB you once were, and while I’m convinced you’re still better than anyone on the Vikings roster, it’s not worth the mercenary approach: “I’m here for one year to win the Superbowl”. It probably won’t work out and the fans will turn on you just like they did in New York. People don’t love you like they did in Green Bay. In fact, Vikings fans spent your entire career hating you. I’ll admit, I also don’t want him on the Vikings because he potentially makes them a better team within our conference. But it’s time for Favre to move on. All in favor say “I”.

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