Tito and Big Papi Face the Media

Tito and Big Papi Face the Media

Red Sox

Tito and Big Papi Face the Media


Terry Francona spoke with the media about the improved offense last night. Watch below:


David Ortiz showed his frustration with his lack of power and with the naysayers before today’s game:

“I’ve been banging since I’ve been here, that’s why. As soon as you slow down a little bit, it’s like they’re expecting it, you know what I’m saying? A lot of people are but I don’t care. Things like that either make you or break you and you’ve got to be alert as a player. I’m the kind of guy that I try and I work every day. The only result you’re going to get when you work is what you expect, sooner or later, but you will. That’s what’s up.’’

As I said yesterday, the wolves are circling.

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