Wings v. Ducks Game 2 Will Be Just as Exciting

Wings v. Ducks Game 2 Will Be Just as Exciting

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Wings v. Ducks Game 2 Will Be Just as Exciting


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Game one had everything you could possibly ask for in a NHL playoff hockey game: octopi, great passes, tough defense, good saves, scuffles around the net, an ass-whoopin’ fight, power play goals, great fans, and a Detroit Red Wings win.

Should we expect the same in Game 2?

Bet your Disney’s Mighty Ducks trilogy on it. Game 2 will feature all of these bonerific things once again and more.

As you may have heard, Mike Brown was not suspended for his hit on Juri Hudler (below) and that’s awesome news to me.  Instead of allowing a game for the Wings to cool off and virtually let Brown off easy for his malicious, NHL ’94 video game hit, he will now have to deal with Detroit’s wrath for at least one more game (assuming he survives to play another).

Fortunately, Hudler was fine to return (after 10 stitches), but that was the type of hit that often results in guys peeing themselves and ending up in hospital beds.  While I certainly don’t expect a Wings/Avalance type retaliation, I do anticipate Brown seeing some payback.

Game 2 is going to be as action packed as ever and I fullheartedly encourage you to watch.

Wings…Ducks…Game 2… today at 2 PM on NBC.

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