A note from Mike Garafolo

A note from Mike Garafolo

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A note from Mike Garafolo


It’s the NFL offseason, folks!

Garafolo: I awoke this morning feeling refreshed and ready to get back to work after taking some time late last week through yesterday to catch my breath a bit after the draft and before rookie camp. I realized you folks must have been starving for news and, frankly, I didn’t plan on twiddling my thumbs before Friday. Plus, I wanted to get to know more about some of the Giants’ picks, so I figured let’s take a peek at some of the late-rounders who didn’t get much coverage at draft time and will get overlooked again this coming weekend at rookie camp.

And then, I noticed several e-mails in my inbox. You folks must have held a secret meeting or something because I was being bombarded with notes today about how I’d been slacking off for the past week. So I want to address something here – something I have to address every year, it seems – because I don’t have the time to get back to all of you who e-mailed and commented.

I was off since last Wednesday. Like the average human, I need a breather every now and then – particularly after working 7-day weeks during the season and around the draft. I have tons of comp days and vacation time. I don’t take all of it because I don’t need it. But I will grab a couple of days here and there. Just like anybody, I have to have some time off. I’ve heard from plenty of people who say I should be grateful for my job – and I am. But it’s still a job! And by that I mean it comes with the stresses and redundancies of any job. So I need to get away.

That being said, I know you like your info. And I love passing it along, so I’m here working as much as I can during the off-season – but not too much because I will burn out. And then, guess what happens? The in-season work suffers. And that’s not good for anybody.

So please, the next time you get aggravated there’s no new entry on the site, understand it’s a necessary evil. (And remind yourself there’s probably nothing going on, either. Believe it or not, the NFL off-season sometimes actually resembles an off-season.)

Okay, that’s all I’ll say on the matter. Back to work on digging up tidbits on the draftees in preparation for this weekend.

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