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Angels interview with Shane Loux


By Chuck Richter – Executive Editor

Caught up with Angels starting pitcher Shane Loux today before he took to the mound against the Oakland A’s and asked him a wide variety of questions compiled from our staff of writers. Currently Shane is heading into the 6th inning with the Halos winning 5-1 as I post this.

Q: ( – Are you more comfortable starting or coming out of the bullpen?

A: (Shane Loux) – I enjoy being in the starting rotation because of the routine you get in. From throwing to rubbing to lifting weights, it’s nice to know exactly what each day hold for you. That being said, the bullpen is much more enjoyable on a day to day basis. You have to lace up the spikes and get your game face on everyday. It’s a rush everyday that starting just doesn’t provide.

Q: ( – Give the readers a scouting report on Shane Loux. What do you throw, what is the velocity? and what do you need to do to have a successful outing on the hill?

A: (Shane Loux) –I’m a sinkerballer. I can throw anywhere between 88-94. I’m a contact guy who sometimes gives up a lot of hits. I’m not trying to fool the hitters, just trying to miss the sweet spot. I also throw a cutter, curve and change up.

Q: ( – What has been your greatest experience on the field (not just in the majors)?

A: (Shane Loux) –I threw a 10 inning shutout in Toledo in 2003. The ovation I got after walking off in the 10th was unreal. We won on a walk off in the bottom of the inning.

Q: ( – Is there a team you can’t wait to pitch against? Perhaps your favorite team growing up?

A: (Shane Loux) –I just pitched against Baltimore in front of my sisters and their friends. That was special because I spent some time in Baltimore when I was younger and have been an Orioles fan ever since. To actually play and win there in front of them was something special.

Q: ( – What are you doing differently as a pitcher since you’ve returned to the sport as opposed to what you were doing when you first broke in with Detroit.

A: (Shane Loux) –I count my blessings everyday. When I was younger, I almost expected to be in the big leagues, now after what I’ve been through, I know that everyday in the big leagues should be treasured.

Q: ( – How is the atmosphere in Anaheim different than in Detroit?

A: (Shane Loux) – So much more laid back. That’s because of the staff, they never make you feel like they are above you as people. That carries over to the veterans and how they treat the other guys. You really don’t have to ever feel like your walking on eggshells here.

Q: ( – What pitchers, if any have you modeled yourself after?

A: (Shane Loux) – I don’t know about modeled after, but Mike Mussina is one of my favorites and always has been. He’s so smart and I feel like he did so much with what seemed like average stuff.

Q: ( – How did you adjust from pitching against minor leaguers to pitching against major leaguers?

A: (Shane Loux) – It’s the same pitches that gets both guys out. It’s the ability to make that same pitch with the third deck and 50,000 people watching instead of 5,000.

Q: ( – Are you looking forward to possibly getting a chance to swing the bat in interleague play?

A: (Shane Loux) – Yes and no. I want to see what it like and take my chances, but I know how much control pitchers really don’t have.

Q: ( – How is it working with Butcher? Has he bestowed upon you any knowledge that has helped your game?

A: (Shane Loux) – Oh of course. It’s a little different have such a young coach with so much knowledge. We mainly work on focus and the mind games that go along with pitching. He is good at finding out what makes each individual pitcher an individual.

Q: ( – Besides Butcher, which player or pitcher has taken you under their wing so to speak and helped you become a better pitcher this year?

A: (Shane Loux) – Its different because, even though I may not have the experience at the major league level as some of these guys, we are the same age, if I’m not older. I’ve actually been in baseball a lot longer than some of these guys. John Lackey and I talk a lot because we are both aggressive righties with sinkers. It’s more about how he got guys out in the past than anything.

Q: ( – So far, in the short time you have been in the majors can you tell us the time in which you were; most surprised, most troubled, most enchanted and most humbled?

A: (Shane Loux) – I’m humbled everyday that people I don’t know want to just shake my hand. I’ve been in pro ball for 13 years now, so nothing really suprises me anymore. The thing that troubles me is how much big leaguers are catered to and have come to expect. I promise, we are as full of it as anyone.

Q: ( – Which Angel player(s) keep the mood lite and fun?

A: (Shane Loux) – Torii is one of the best guys at this I have ever seen. He always knows what to say and when. He has a gift.

Q: ( – Lastly, tell us a little bit about Shane Loux the person. What do you like to do when you’re not playing ball?

A: (Shane Loux) – I enjoy everything that I’m not supposed to as a professional athlete. I ride motorcycles and quads. I enjoy going fast and will try anything once. Old cars and car shows always attract my attention. I’m also getting into cigars and learning about them. I also golf, but there aren’t many starting pitchers who don’t. That’s about it.

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