B.J. Raji Has a Great Boston College Education

B.J. Raji Has a Great Boston College Education


B.J. Raji Has a Great Boston College Education


A tradition of excellence. That is what many Packer fans and employees would like their border rivals to believe they are foster and creating in Green Bay. Sitting in their fetid land of Wisconsin, they may look upon their NFC North brethren and ridicule the Vikings’ draft choices for smoking weed, even though unfounded their draft choices seem eerily similar, or attempt to get under our skin by boasting about their own players strengths. Perhaps it is a battle that can never be truly won by either side, but this alleged “tradition of excellence” may forever be disputed after PJD was able to intercept this recent exchange between the Green Bay Packers and 2009 first round draft pick, B.J. Raji, who has an excellent Boston education

Lambeau Field: A Great Place to Visit!

Lambeau Field: A Great Place to Visit!

“Dear B.J. Raji,

On behalf of the entire Packers organization, we would like to congratulate you and yours on becoming the newest members of the Green Bay family and our exceptionally rich football tradition by being selected as the ninth overall pick in the NFL’s annual draft, in the year of 2009.

As you may know, you will be joining a storied franchise that has independent football roots dating all the way back to 1919. Since those first beginnings nearly 90 years ago, the great Green Bay Packers organization has accumulated an impressive record of total wins, 12 League Championships, and Hall of Fame worthy coaches and players, many of whom started their careers by being drafted just like you have been. A lot has changed since those early days under Earl “Curly” Lambeau, but the one thing that remains is the organizations focus on excellence, accountability, and pride in our fantastic history. We know that you will soon learn to appreciate these same values in our team the way many others have before you, and we are excited to begin your learning process.

So once again, congratulations! And both the coaches and the fans look forward to watching you become a family member for many years to come.


Ted Thompson, General Manager

Mike McCarthy, Head Coach”

And B.J. Raji’s response …

Just ... fantastic.

Just ... fantastic.

“Deer Manger # Cooch,

Yo! Tanks fo’ the nice letta. It was hella nice. Mah famlee is JACKED to come to Green Bay, Minnesota and play fo’ dis team. When can eye start??


B.J. RAJI!!!!!!!”

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