Hip Surgery On Folks Kicking Leg

Hip Surgery On Folks Kicking Leg

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Hip Surgery On Folks Kicking Leg


Today we received some surprising news in regards to 2-time Pro Bowl Kicker, Nick Folk. Surgery was performed on Folk’s right hip which also happens to be his kicking leg. Folk had surgery to repair a labral tear in his hip and recovery will be at least 8 weeks. Ok, so he’s a kicker, so what right? Wrong. We all know how long it took us to find an adequate kicker. I’m hoping for a great recovery. To me this is should be something to be somewhat concerned. A labral tear is not something to shrug to the side, plus this is on his kicking leg.

What is a labral tear?

A hip labral tear involves the ring of soft tissue that follows the outside rim of the socket of your hip joint. This ridge of cartilage, called a labrum, works a little like a suction cup to help hold your hip joint together.

Athletes who participate in such sports as ice hockey, soccer, football, golfing and ballet are at higher risk of developing a hip labral tear. Structural abnormalities of the hip can also lead to a hip labral tear. (Mayo Clinic)

In the meantime, the Cowboys appear to have had an inside track on Folks injury which made the Beuhler pick that much more brilliant. Good move all the way around. We’ll keep an eye on this.

In other news, the Bengals added Roy Williams to their defense. Good luck to Roy, all the best. Reuniting with former Cowboys Defensive Coordinator, Mike Zimmer could be exactly what he needs to resurrect his career.

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