Let's Not Focus On The Wrong Thing Here

Let's Not Focus On The Wrong Thing Here

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Let's Not Focus On The Wrong Thing Here


It's very easy for us Celtics fans to focus on the furious second half comeback in which the Celtics.  We're looking for the positive.  We're looking for something to give us hope heading into game 2.  That's what fans do in a game like that. 

But let's not make the mistake of focusing on the last 24 minutes of the game.  What we should be looking at is the first 24.  We should be looking at the lazy Celtics coming out at home and laying an egg.  We should be looking at Rajon Rondo, who was the Celtics saving grace in round 1, and why he's suddenly passive.  We should be looking at why the Celtics, a team that takes pride in its defense, got caught so many times flat footed in the lane while the Magic spotted up from 3.  I mean… my dog knows the Magic are looking to shoot the three. 

Yes, the comeback was nice… but too much emphasis on it today will be bad.  Just ask Doc Rivers.

The other team had a big lead, they let their guard down a little
bit and you made a run. You have to do that in the first quarter and
the second quarter when the game’s on the line.

“I look on (Monday) night as a loss, and we have to play better –
bottom line. I don’t lean on the fact that we had a chance to win the
game. I focus more on the fact that they were up 28 points. I look on
that a lot more than that we made a fool’s gold run at the end of the
game that got everybody excited. That does nothing for me.

Honestly, what really gets me isn't even the first half of yesterday's game.  It's the last month of the regular season when we were screaming for the starters minutes to be limited.  Everyone went nuts about home court advantage and how important it was for us.  The third seed was a bad thing to a lot of people.

Yet, I think its clear that getting the second seed gave us zero advantage in the first round of the playoffs.  And we don't have home court advantage anymore anyway. And I think its clear that Paul Pierce is gassed.  He's trying to pick his spots and be "Paul Pierce" when it counts… but I don't know if he's capable of 40 quality minutes right now.  These guys can say they're fine all they want… but the season takes a toll on you.

I'm encouraged by the Celtics comeback.  But I think it also highlights the Celtics deficiencies.  And it also highlights the fact that Rajon Rondo can't be off anymore.  He's got to be the guy.  He's got to be aggressive.  Paul can't do it by himself anymore… at least not until the last couple of minutes.  Ray needs some help… even if it's just to give him some extra space.  Rondo has no choice but to lead this team.  If he doesn't come out and lead the charge, we're going to see the same thing happen.  And while I still don't think Orlando is good enough to hold a lead… I don't think we're good enough to keep coming back like that over and over again. 

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