Mini Pony of the Day 5-6-09

Mini Pony of the Day 5-6-09


Mini Pony of the Day 5-6-09


Wow, this shows how much I pay attention to stuff. I haven’t checked the PSAMP Facebook Group in months. Turns out, one of the members, Kate, was surprised with a mini pony on her birthday. My birthday’s in like 3 months…take notes, people.

And while you’re at the group, join up if you’re not a member. And maybe I’ll pay attention to it.

Brandon Jacobs likes to hit. [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Joe Dumars doesn’t mess around. [Detroit 4 Lyfe]

The Cleveland Indians just aren’t very good. [Paneech]

Floyd Mayweather Sr. already has a new British protege. [Steady Burn]

Oh yeah, Dom Deluise died. [Mondesi’s House]

Some chick hates BDD’s book. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

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