Not Really Sure If Youtube Gets Me

Not Really Sure If Youtube Gets Me


Not Really Sure If Youtube Gets Me


It’s no big secret that I use video to make points/criticisms/jokes here at PSAMP. But it seems like Youtube should know me a little better by now.

I’m constantly searching for Pittsburgh-related videos on Youtube that make me laugh, or are interesting enough to share with you guys. So Youtube offers videos that they recommend for you based on past searches and keywords that you frequently use. So there should be a bevy of Steelers/Pirates/Penguins videos that Youtube is trying to get me to watch, right?


That’s two (2) Penguins videos and one (1) general hockey video recommended to me. It’s actually a pretty weak percentage, seeing as they’re only recommending 8 vids. Some of the off-topic ones are totally sweet, though. I’ll listen to Johnny Cash or Thin Lizzy any day of the week. Fantastic foresight, Youtube. Even something from the National Geographic is cool in my book.

But Miley Cyrus? That has nothing to do with anything. I will not be asking you for a letter of recommendation next time I go for a job interview or anything, Youtube…you clearly don’t get me.

Michelle Trachtenberg is kinda hot, though.

That group was from last week. Today, they’re recommending a video I already posted at PSAMP back in March, two Superjail vids (awesome!) and one Penguins vid. Out of 8. I think your algorithm needs a bit more work, Youtube.

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