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Slam Online has an extensive interview with Stephon Marbury.

Here are some excerpts:

This is a squad. Everything they talk about is about
winning a championship. It’s about doing one thing and that’s winning.
There aren’t any preconceived notions about anything other than that.
It’s all about winning a championship. Every day that I’ve been here,
the only thing that they talk about is winning a championship. Somebody
is always talking about winning a championship. I’m like, Yo, this is
the atmosphere I wanted to be around.

Now I’m in Boston, and I’m thinking about it, and I
realized I thought the Knicks were good enough to go to the Playoffs. I
had to smack myself, man. I was like, Damn. I felt like an ass, talking
that nonsense. I thought about being on “Mike’d Up,” talking about
winning a championship. I see why people said I was crazy. I’m like,
Damn. I get here and it’s like, You want to win a championship, You
need a squad.

On his alleged beef with KG:

I never had any beef with him. When I left
Minnesota, all of a sudden it came out that I was jealous of Kevin. I
was mad because I wasn’t going to make the same amount of money as
Kevin. I’m like, Hello! Wake up call! There’s a ceiling on our heads.
How am I gonna make the same money that he’s gonna make if it’s already
set in stone how much money we gonna make? (laughs) I mean, it just
didn’t make no sense.

Then there was, I was selfish. I’m like, So you’re telling me you
were just offering a guy the maximum on a contract, and this person is
selfish? Why would you offer the max and then, two days later when I
get traded, I’m selfish? I don’t get it. And through that whole
process, with Kevin McHale and how he felt about the situation, it
changed up. I was like, I’m not getting into that. It ain’t for me. I’m
not getting into the nonsense. Jealous of another man? For what? That
serves no purpose.

He talks about anything and everything; his sneakers, the passing of his father, his time in NY, that bizarre TV appearance, Isiah Thomas….

Seriously, this guy is likable. I never thought I'd say that.

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