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If I had told you Paul Pierce was going to score 3 points in just 15 minutes, yet the Celtics would destroy Orlando 112 – 94, you'd have thought I'd gone Paula Abdul crazy.

Eddie House was Megan Fox hot tonight: 31 pts, 11-14 FG, 4-4 3FG. He hit some unbelievable shots in this game. He embarrassed Rafer Alston so badly, that Alston snapped and slapped House in the head after one make. Of course the refs missed the incident and assessed double technical fouls (kudos to House for keeping his cool). But the replay was crystal clear. The league MUST suspend Alston for one game. 

Eddie has a great line when asked about the incident during TNT's postgame interview:

That's what happens when you start busting somebody's ass, they get upset and resort to bush league tactics.

Rondo (15 pts, 11 reb, 18 assists) had that extra gear going in this game. He pushed the ball up the court relentlessly and repeatedly found the open man. Except the time he drove the lane and threw down a vicious dunk in the 3rd quarter. As a team the Celtics interior passing was superb.

Perk was a beast. 16 pts, 9 reb and one tremendous job defending Dwight Howard.

The Celtics worked hard to get Ray Allen (22 pts, 7-15 FG) some looks. He made some baskets early courtesy of some difficult drives to the hoop. His threes didn't start falling until the 4th quarter.

That Reggie Miller paparazzi skit may have been the lamest thing I've ever seen on TV. I cannot believe TNT wasted 30 seconds of my life with that crap.

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In honor of Eddie's Megan Fox hot shooting night…some pics you'll all enjoy after the jump.




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