Wolves Updates 5/6 Part 2

Wolves Updates 5/6 Part 2

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Wolves Updates 5/6 Part 2


From Jerry Zgoda/Star Tribune:

Sam Mitchell makes perfect sense as head coach because I think in all the negotations with GM candidates Taylor wanted a big say in the next coach and the one guy I can think of who he would have ties to is Mitchell, our former Wolf. Talked to Sam briefly today and he’d love to come back here as head coach, but said he hasn’t heard a word about that scenario.


I am representing the Wolves in the Draft Lottery on the 19th though.


From Canis Hoopus: Word of the Day: Kahned


Jonah Ballow/Timberwolves site talks to Jim Petersen about the GM search, future draft picks and the NBA playoffs (audio)


Ryan Gomes took part in a chat for ESPN’s NBA’s 65 in 65.
Justin Behling (Boyceville, WI): Do you think that you guys will be capable of contending for a playoff spot next season?

Ryan Gomes: Yes I do. This year we showed great success within our season. We have Jefferson back nest year and I think we can do some damage. Something like what Portland has been doing over the past couple of seasons.

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