Come To Blogs With Balls

Come To Blogs With Balls


Come To Blogs With Balls


In one month, my buds at HHR are sponsoring the Blogs With Balls convention in New York City. You may have noticed the badge for it over in the right sidebar. Well, here’s some info for you.

Blogs With Balls is the world’s largest sports blogger and new media gathering. Sports fans, writers, sites, teams, athletes and companies, don’t miss your chance to talk with industry leaders about the future of sports media.”

There’s going to be some pretty big names in the online sports game showing up. Tickets for the event are discounted until this Friday, May 15th. If you are a sports blog fan, writer, contributor, whatever and want to find out what’s next, you should consider coming. Plus, the price is going higher after the 15th. Use referral code “PSAMP” if you’re thinking about coming.

I’ll be there, so you know it’s worth it.

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