If you ask Ballhype, the Predators are Blog Orphans

If you ask Ballhype, the Predators are Blog Orphans

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If you ask Ballhype, the Predators are Blog Orphans


Over at the Times, Steve and I (you remember Steve?) have been running this feature called Position in the Spotlight. We talk about cities and what sports position is the most important, most glamourous to that city. It’s phenomenal. Anyways, when we’re done, we try to let people in that city know that we made sweeping generalizations for their city and to check it out. I wrote up Nashville today and wanted to let all the Preds fans out there know that there aren’t any glamorous positions on their team, as though they were unaware.

My first stop for finding team specific blogs is Ballhype. I was aghast. They didn’t list ANYONE for the Preds! Fortunately, I remembered On The Forecheck, but perhaps if there were more Predators blogs out there they could get listed on Ballhype, and everyone would know where to get all their Dan Hamhuis news delivered in a fun, whimsical manner. At the very least, OTF would get crosslinks and may show up on Ballhype as a Nashville blog. So, as a service to Preds fans everywhere I came up with a few ideas for titles to new sites.

All our Players Play for Philly

We Arnott a Hockey Blog

It’s Pronounced “Legwand”

Horses Gallop, A Predator Trotz

Who the Hell is Pekka Rinne?

And last but not least…

Barry Trotz’ Neck

Now, please, everyone, tell me in the comments that I am wrong and that there are many, many wonderful Nashville blogs out there. The idea of nobody having an articulate opinion on Martin Erat fills me with dread.

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