Poll: How late will you stay up?

Poll: How late will you stay up?

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Poll: How late will you stay up?


New Poll Question:
Let’s get real here…Who really stays up until the end of every weekday west coast game?
– I’ll catch the first few innings of each game
– I’m in it to the end no matter what
– Only if its close at 11:00 PM on the east coast
– I live on the west coast, so its no sweat for me

As always, new poll is up to the right…vote away and argue it out in the comments.

Previous Poll Results:
Who will be the odd men out of the rotation come mid-July? Between a
rehabbing Smoltz, a streaking Wakefield, Penny, Masterson and Buccholz,
pick two to saddle up with Beckett, Lester, DiceK.

Not much of a surprise here with the two veterans getting the nod.  If it wasn’t for Wakefield’s hot start, he may have been on the hot seat, but his performance to date has people’s confidence in the knuckle riding high.

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