Vaccaro salutes the biggest NY MVP: the fan

Vaccaro salutes the biggest NY MVP: the fan

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Vaccaro salutes the biggest NY MVP: the fan


“If you are a Giants ticket holder, you know better than anyone that you weren’t able to avoid the PSL plague. And if you have been one of the approximately 8 million people on the most famous waiting list in sports, you also know that — because chances are you have been called in recent weeks, seeing if you wanted to fill unoccupied seats. The Giants aren’t like the Jets; generally, they do everything right, especially when it comes to their fans. And it doesn’t matter. Right is right. And mad is mad.

Think of what you have done, fans. In the last few months, you have shrunk the most intimidating list in all of fandom to practically nothing.”

Ultimatenyg here. Vaccaro paints us out to be the gallant knights, defeating the scourge of greed. What simply happened is that the drug dealers got so full of themselves that they thought the addicted fans would pay almost ANY price. And the amazing thing is, they would have. Except for the recession. Here’s to hoping the new reality lasts a little while and that fans can keep Vaccaro’s discipline a little longer than I think they will.

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