We love you Ortiz. But what exactly does this mean?

We love you Ortiz. But what exactly does this mean?

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We love you Ortiz. But what exactly does this mean?


“The fans have been the fans. There have been a few cats trying to
start some B.S., but they’re fine. No problems,” Ortiz said. “They want
to see you do the things you do, but you can’t just look at the
numbers. Don’t just look at the numbers — analyze the game.”

And the rest of the article is right here

By the way, if you do read that article, apparently Howard Bryant thinks a “Good OBP is 70 points higher than one’s batting average.” 

So if a player hits .200/.270./.350, that is acceptable. 

I am just kidding with you, Howard Bryant.

But really, if Ortiz is telling us to look beyond the numbers than fine.  But if it is in reference to the 2009 season, then what am I missing?

Ortiz is striking out 22% of the time.  And although his line drive % is right on track, even a little better, than his last few seasons.  He has yet to hit a home run.

Now ignore those stats for a second.  When has Ortiz shown anything this season beyond the numbers? 

Ortiz doesn’t play defense, therefore the less reliable defensive metrics are out of the question. 

The one ball that Ortiz has hit that felt really good from our standpoint, is the double off the wall against Tampa last night.  

I think many of us our confident that Ortiz will come around, to some extent. 

But looking “beyond the numbers” isn’t exactly making Ortiz out to be a great hitter, or showing any kind of resurgence. 

Of course, that LD% is promising…

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