Wolves Updates 5/12

Wolves Updates 5/12

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Wolves Updates 5/12


Justin (Minneapolis): Chad, what is going with with the T-Wolves front office situation? Does anyone really want this job with Glen Taylor looking over their shoulder?
Chad Ford: Actually I think most people feel like Glen Taylor is a good owner. GMs want owners who are loyal and no GM has been loyal to such a lousy GM longer than Taylor. What I don’t understand is what Taylor is doing with this search? David Kahn? Really??? He might be worse than McHale. He’s been out of the league for years. Randy Pfund? Jim Stack? I don’t get it. Tom Penn of Portland is a nice young up and coming talent, but there are guys with Penn’s skills with much more experience like David Morway of the Pacers and Rich Cho of the Thunder. Too bad Dennis Lindsey of the Spurs backed out. He would’ve been a nice choice.
Jeff (Saint Paul, MN): There is so much question around the Wolves right now, but draft wise, what position do you think the next GM should target as their lottery pick?
Chad Ford: I don’t know why … but it just seems like destiny that Thabeet will end up here.
The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that former Timberwolves guard Pooh Richardson is “a central figure” in a federal investigation into a phone call he allegedly made to a local drug kingpin, warning him that he was about to be arrested.

Russell Scibetti at the Business Of Sports lists pros and cons of Bill Simmons as a GM.


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