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4 Reasons Why The Celtics Will Win


Aside from all the history (Celtics 32-0 when leading a series 3-2, 17-3 in Game 7s at home), I’ve come up with a handful of reasons why the Celtics (2.5 pt favorites) will beat the Magic in Game 7:

1. By the 8pm tip-off, it will have been nearly three full days since these teams last played. That extra day of rest will benefit the older team, i.e. the Celtics.

2. The Celtics have the best clutch player – Paul Pierce. That extra day rest will likely help him the most.

3. Home court. The bench plays better at home (Check the box scores.) The refs might even give us some calls.

4. The Magic (players and coach) don’t have the balls to win a deciding game on the road. Paul Pierce said it best:

“It’s not for everybody,” he says. “Some guys play well under that pressure. Some don’t.”

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As for the Lakers/Rockets Game 7; bet the house on LA. Sell everything you can, max the cash advance on your credit cards and dump it on the money line with the Lakers winning. The odds may be obscene but there is ZERO chance Kobe and co. lose this game at home.

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