Breaking News: The Magic Feel Disrespected

Breaking News: The Magic Feel Disrespected

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Breaking News: The Magic Feel Disrespected



I told ya'll the other day that we find it really disrespectful that
everybody seems to be pulling for LeBron and Kobe to get to the Finals.
Every time I look at TV, it seems like that's all anybody is talking
about. It's like nobody is even giving us a shot at winning this series
and we've used it as motivation.

We're up 2-to-1 and we have
a long way to go vs. the Cavs, but hopefully we can mess up those plans
of getting Cleveland and L.A. in the Finals. If the lil' ol' Magic make
it, what will they say then?

That's an excerpt from Dwight Howard's blog. Can't say I blame the guy. I found this story on ESPN a few minutes after searching the web for hoops news: Kobe vs LeBron: 25 Qs on 24 vs 23.

I was hoping to find relevant articles like this: "25 Ways Mo Williams is Blowing This Series" or "I Know He Hit the Shot, But LeBron is Also Choking."

And then there's the omnipresent LeBron and Kobe puppet ads (To be honest, I find them funny because they make Kobe look like an arrogant douche).

The Orlando Sentinel's Mike Bianchi has a great column about the LeBron hype machine. He shares a story about his brush with the Chosen One:

True story: As Sentinel colleague Brian Schmitz and I were walking down
an empty hallway in Cleveland's arena late Friday night after Game 1, a
security guard started yelling at us: "Step to the side! Step to side!"

What? … Was this some sort of medical emergency? Were EMTs rushing some fallen fan to the hospital?

Not exactly. It was just LeBron being escorted to the media interview room. And,
apparently, nobody occupies the same hallway as LeBron for fear the
intruders might smush the rose petals being thrown at the king's feet.

Hype is always annoying, especially when you are not attached to either team. All the Celtics vs Lakers chatter from last year didn't seem to bother us, and I'm positive the rest of the world is tired of Yankees/Red Sox talk.

The Magic are motivated and poised to upset King James and the Cavs and I'm pulling for them every step of the way. But I fear the Nuggets will not fulfill their end of the bargain leaving us with a nightmare scenario in the finals.

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