Johan Franzen Doesn't Like Patrick Kane's Eating Habits

Johan Franzen Doesn't Like Patrick Kane's Eating Habits

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Johan Franzen Doesn't Like Patrick Kane's Eating Habits


Johan “The Mule” Franzen has been simply amazing for the Red Wings, so amazing that the Red Wings’ Kenny Holland felt he was deserving of an 11-year contract extension in the middle of this regular season.

He hasn’t disappointed in this year’s playoffs, either. He has 10 goals and 9 assists in 15 playoff games, good for 19 points, including 2 game winners. He also possesses a solid plus 10 +/- rating.

Franzen can also be counted on to defend himself and teammates, where you often find him front and center of some of the bigger scrums that happen around the net and along the boards.

Franzen’s latest accomplishment came Sunday after the whistle was blown, but was not one of the aforementioned.

If you are a hockey fan, you’ve probably seen your fair share of Patrick Kane highlights. He’s a great young player and has plenty of highlight reel goals and passes. In fact, Kane has special ties to this blog as yours truly used to drive him home from school back in the day (had I known he was going to be the Red Wings enemy one day, I never would have been his personal chauffeur, or I would have sacrificed my own life and driven the car off a ledge, but that’s neither here nor there). Anyway, if you notice Kane when he’s not playing after the whistle or when he’s on the bench, he’s ALWAYS chewing on his mouthguard like his 5’10”, 160 pound frame skipped lunch a la Calista Flockhart.

Well, Franzen has taken notice and grew tired of it on Sunday. Dan Cleary giggles in reaction.

Check it out:

H/T to The World of Isaac for the video

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