The Detroit Red Wings are Indestructible

The Detroit Red Wings are Indestructible

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The Detroit Red Wings are Indestructible


Last week over at FanHouse I wrote about how the Red Wings weren’t much better than the Blackhawks. In fact, what seperates the two teams the most is that the Hawks are very streaky and that the Wings make very few, if any, mistakes. The Wings don’t mess up. They just don’t. Nick Lidstrom took two penalties in Game Two, causing gasps and general shock in the press box. On the other side, think about how many times you’ve watched the Hawks this postseason or looked at the box score only to find that they’ve either given up/scored a whole bunch of goals in a row. They’re the cardiac kids and you can never count them out. So, down 3-1 to the Red Wings in the Western Conference Finals, it would be hard to count them out.

Except, well, for that fact that they’re done. 

They’re not winning three in a row against the Wings. No one is winning three in a row against the Wings at this point. The Hawks have had their chances in this series. Sure, losing Havlat and the Wall were tough, but they had opportunities. They’ve scored first in each game of the series. They won Game Three to move to within 2-1 in the series and the Wings played Game Four without Datsyuk and Lidstrom. It’s just not the Hawks’ time yet. They’re young. OK, they’re REALLY young and have some studs on the roster. But first, they’ve got to take something from the beat down the Wings are giving them right now. The Wings who rise to every occasion, leap over every obstacle and fight through every adversity without ever taking a wrong step. That’s who the Hawks should strive to be in a year, two or three. The Indestructible Force That is the Detroit Red Wings.


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