A brief message to the fans of the SEC

A brief message to the fans of the SEC

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A brief message to the fans of the SEC


Attention, SEC fans who have gotten all pissy on me.  Please read the following;

– The previously posted information is in regards to the educational systems of the states which house SEC colleges.  Yes, I know the educational systems that were being graded are K-12.  This means that your states are home to the worst educated people in the entire country.  THAT was the point to begin with.  The translation is that your states are filled with inbred retarded morons.

– No, you’re not being “banned” or “blocked”.  All comments on The BBC are moderated.  And guess what?  Your comments are not being approved.  It’s my blog, deal with it.

– You lost the war.  Put away the rebel flags.

– Lynard Skynard sucks.

– I don’t care if “your side” is being published on MY site.  I am NOT trying to “hide you” from my readers.  My readers already know you exist.  Want to know HOW we know SEC fans exist?

  • You serve us food when we eat in restaurants
  • You pump our gas
  • We give you a dollar when you hold up cardboard signs on the off-ramp

So you see, we certainly don’t need to know you exist on my blog.  We already have to see you enough.

But congratulations….at least two of your attempts at posting a comment had proper spelling.  The rest of you….well, the aforementioned scientific proof shows that you poor people just weren’t educated right, so ya’ll don’t know yew ain’t spellin’ right.

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