Datsyuk Feels "More Better;" Will Be a Game Time Decision

Datsyuk Feels "More Better;" Will Be a Game Time Decision

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Datsyuk Feels "More Better;" Will Be a Game Time Decision



Pavel Datsyuk, a candidate for this year’s Hart Trophy which goes to the MVP of the NHL, has been held out of the last five Red Wings playoff games due to a foot injury he suffered when he blocked a shot. Well, he appears to be doing a lot better and will make the decision himself tonight on whether or not he will play.  I think it’s obvious that having Datsyuk drastically improves this Red Wings team, so even a 50% Datsyuk might be better than 0% Datsyuk.

Here is a transcript of the Q & A session Datsyuk had with the media.  This is taken from Puck Daddy, one of the best hockey blogs on the ‘net. Before you read on, take a look at this video and say a few prayers that we’ll be seeing our lucky #13 on the ice tonight.

Q. Can you tell us how you feel?

DATSYUK: I feel much better today. I think I’ll go in the pregame skates and make a decision for sure. But it’s more better.

Can you put a percentage on it?

Percentage? … I don’t give a percentage.

Why did you skate so long this morning?

I just feel it, more confidence. I don’t skate for two weeks and I needed to pick up more ice, feel it. Just do more dangle, shoot it. I just tried to.

Are you encouraged?

Yeah, yeah. I don’t skate two weeks, it was a little bit hard for me.

Are you going to play?

I don’t know. Not sure. I just go for sure in the pregame skate and then make a decision from there.

Has coach told you it’s up to you to make the decision?


You skated so long to test it?

Yeah. During the game, it’s longer [skating], so I wanted to feel more like it’s going to be [skating] a little bit longer.

You skated a little extra yesterday. How did it respond?

It’s better. Better in the morning. But it’s one long practice. I needed more. I feel more confidence now.

How is your conditioning?

Condition? Eh, it’s close. It’s a different condition off ice than on ice. It’s different, especially when it’s the Final and you’re on the ice with a good team. It’s a little bit tough for starting.

What problems are you still having with it?

I don’t score for like 12 games. This is problems. (Laughter)

No, with the foot.

Foot, OK. It’s more better. Can more turn. What I need is quick turn, give and go.

Has there been improvement, even from yesterday?

Yeah. Every day, better, better and better. Today, much better. More [feeling] now. More smile, more happy. Still a little bit sore, but it’s fine.

If you play, will you have a more limited role on the ice?

It depends how I feel. Like I said yesterday: If the game is 60 minutes, I want to play 60 minutes. I try to keep every shift short.

Was there any other injury besides the foot?

Yeah, I don’t score 12 games and it hurt me. (Laughter)

Has there been any indication on who wouldn’t play if you play?

I don’t know. No idea.

Any beer last night?

No game. No beer.

You only drink when there’s a game?

Honest, yes. (Laughs) No.

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