Ron Cook hates Pittsburgh

Ron Cook hates Pittsburgh

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Ron Cook hates Pittsburgh


Big time win for the Pens last night. As Steelers fans, we’re used to commentators being decidedly anti-Pittsburgh. Mostly, this comes from the fact that we owned Boomer Esaison when he played for the Bungles.

…and Jim Nantz just being a dickbag.

Since we know where Bill Cowher’s alleginaces really lie, CBS won’t have to worry about him possibly complimenting Pittsburgh any more either. Plus, Cowher always had some tongue-in-cheek comment about the Steelers. Around here, we attribute that mainly to the fact that he’s jealous about the kind of success Mike Tomlin has had as head coach.

Bitter much Bill?

As with the Steelers, announcers from Versus and NBC have been unable to really say anything good about the Penguins throughout their whole playoff run. Like the Steelers, they are just waiting for the Pens to make a mistake or have a bad game so they can launch into their scrutiny.

Hey, guess what. That means that the Pens are following in the Steelers tradition of being hated by announcers, which means they are well on the way to becoming the best organization in the NHL.

If you got a chance to go down to the outside screen to watch any of the Pens games from this season, we hope you enjoyed the experience, because NBC will be cock-blocking us for the rest of the season. If you’re looking for any more reason to dislike NBC, they fired the Bus from their pregame show.

We’ll be the first to say, Dungy-for-Collinsworthless is a trade we’d make any day. Bus for Harrison? Garbage. Just trying to appeal to the Pats fanbase.

Speaking of the Pens, how much of a douchebag is Post-Gazette columnist Ron Cook?
First, he throws Fleury under the bus after Game 2. As if Fleury’s awesome goaltending didn’t get us through 3 rounds of the playoffs. I seem to remember a save on Alexander Ovechkin in Game 7 against Washington that should be reason enough not to throw him under the bus.

On top of that, after Fleury plays two good games, making some huge saves in the second period in Game 3 to keep the Pens in it, then withstanding an onslaught last night in the third period to preserve the win, what does Cook write about?

…what city does this guy live in?

Did Larry Foote buy Ron Cook a house in Detroit when he signed with the Lions?

In light of this, we are proud to introduce the newest member of our staff. His official title will be the “Minister of Ire.”

“As my first act….Ron Cook: YOU’RE ON NOTICE.”

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